Graphic Design and Print Making Researching.
I do various graphic design and projects with students. One example was 20000 hand made notebooks sent to Iwaki in Fukushima after the East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Different type of handicraft and art products made in Kochi, such as local rustic art and culture designs can be sold. Also workshops for making these kinds of items can be held.

The regional art as well as its revitalization in the context of regional revitalization has been considered in this research. Furthermore, this research has been conducted based on the idea that it is of importance to investigate the artistic value of traditional culture as well as traditional art of work closely related to local celebration and local life. How could we create the linkage between the future and the art currently existing in the local area? Is it supposed to be linked with each other? This research tends to answer these questions from the perspective of those art of work which are rooting in as well as loved by local areas.



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